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April’s Wonder

Apr 3, 2019 | Wonder | 0 comments

Walking out the door, down the steps and out to my car I happened to glance right to an overgrown garden where I noticed patches of yellow on the ground. I stopped, attracted by the color, and walked over to get a closer look. There in front of me were the first flowers of Spring I’d seen. Small clumps of yellow crocus were growing up all around the evergreen bushes. The surprise of it touched my heart while I stopped in awe to give thanks and awaken to the wonder of this very special April day. . . .

After a few meditative moments I crossed the street, got into my car and wondered at how that brief experience had touched me. Before starting the car I closed my eyes and pondered the essential nature of those flowers and how they had appeared and brought a new spark of life to me. I then remembered that I’d seen bees flying around in the same area a few days earlier. In an epiphany moment the whole invisible cycle of Nature became visible. The forgotten rhythm of Life had again come to life in me.

Shakespeare noted that “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” while Einstein is reported to have said “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” The world is full of wonder and magic which we invariability forget in our quests for accomplishment and acknowledgment. It’s only when we slow down enough and give attention to our natural environments that we  see deeply into the heart of matter and recognize our interconnectedness with it all.

It takes time to see a flower and we seem not to have time. Having a friend and any significant relationship takes time but we haven’t time. Time becomes an illusion we’ve created which is used to keep us from our Essence and the Essence of everything we say we care about. In Alice in Wonderland the rabbit is always looking at his watch saying how late he is for a very important date. The date however is always in the Now which he misses because he’s always on the run. Could the rabbit be a symbol for us?

When we open ourselves to look deeply into Nature, we begin to understand everything better. We learn to slow down enough to ponder the snowfall, raindrops, clouds, buds on trees, flowers blowing in the breeze, grass turning green. We notice the migration of birds, the frowns on faces, the grace of embraces, the sadness in a song, the face that wants to belong and the feelings that are invisible to the eye. We become more human by recognizing our divinity and that of the whole created order.

Spring in April seems to come with a smile and soft laughter that gently invites us into the wonder of all that is seen and unseen, known and unknown. As we stand at the many crossroads waiting for our rides, we’re no longer frustrated at the moments that seem wasted. Instead we listen for the calls of our youthful spirits that know how to see and wonder at the wisdom in the moment. We listen to the rivers bringing new life to plants, to the earth singing to the moon, to the sun shining in every womb.

The first Art is Awe, when a person is struck by the beauty, wonder and intelligence of Creation. It becomes a spiritual experience that touches hearts and souls to register  the innate connection that is always here but not always known. Each season invites the human family as a community and as individuals to awaken to the mystery and wonder of our Divine connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky and to one another. Through this awareness we become healers, stewards of the Mystery called Life.

  • Give attention to the environments you find yourself in this week. Ponder the mystery of how you are a part from them and a part of them.
  • As you walk, drive, run and move from place to place this week, notice how connected and disconnected you are from the environment within you an outside of you. Slow down from time to time and even stop to feel your surroundings, to become aware of your youthful spirit inviting you to awe and wonder. . . .
  • See if you can validate the statement that what is essential is invisible to the eye. Note your epiphanies. . . .



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