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When you invest in something do you want it to appreciate or depreciate? When you think about investing, what comes to mind? Most people think of investing money. What I’m thinking about however is investing in Life and everything that’s apart of it. All that we see and don’t see is vibrating energy. How we appreciate and depreciate this energy is key to how and what we experience in our lives. Energy vibrates at higher and lower frequencies depending on what we think, feel, say and do. Love and joy create very  different vibrations than fear and blame.

Appreciation is high frequency energy because it touches thanksgiving and creativity at the same time. Some even say that it’s the purest energy vibration on the planet today. When you can appreciate something in advance you’re helping to make it grow; you’re claiming the creative value of an unfolding abundance. In perceiving and believing you are actually receiving the very energy of creation. A positive outcome is assured as you allow this flow of creativity.

One could say that In Appreciation, the prosperous heart is proclaiming the cooperation and participation of the Infinite Self flowing in, around and through the experience. The focus is on the creative center of Life and the boundless world of possibilities and potentialities. This creative part of you is both ancient and youthful, imaginative and realistic, playful and serious, wise and whimsical, dramatic and artistic. Appreciation brings Life to life. It’s a generative high frequency energy that expands and contracts as the situations necessitate moment by moment.

Imagine always and everywhere giving thanks, appreciating everything that comes to you. Imagine infinite Presence running through all of life bringing opportunity to every adversity. Imagine each day unfolding as a gift upon which you can build a solid foundation of appreciation. Imagine comparing yourself only to yourself, tracking steady affirming improvement starting where you are. Imagine appreciation as an ongoing artistic endeavor.

What if you were to envision, accept and appreciate the future you want as being right here and now? What if, rather than hoping, begging or begrudgingly slogging for the good fortune you desire, you could claim it in the present as already unfolding energetically while relaxing and easing into its’ manifestation? What if your energy of appreciation could positively bring you everything you want in advance of the manifestation? Can you feel your way into this space?

Isn’t this what the artist does with the story, the music, the sculpture, the painting, the design? The product always comes after the idea. Once the idea comes, the energy is generated to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to manifest the idea. This is the gestation time, the formation time, the appreciative energy and creative participation time. It’s the time of knowing that thoughts and feelings create things so we co-create with appreciation; with the pure artistic energy vibration of collaboration. Do you want to change something? Allow it. Appreciate it.

  • Ask for what you want and it’s given. Align with it and know it’s already here and on its way. Be energetically receptive and allow it to come by appreciating it. It’s a spiritual practice . . .
  • Allow your emotions to be a significant guidance system for you. If the practice, what you’re appreciating brings you joy and peace, your on the path. If not, look for a better feeling path.
  • The better you feel about something the better you do in it. Appreciation is being thankful and co-creating something new for you which also adds value to the world. Ease into it today . . .

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