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Appreciating Today

May 15, 2019 | Appreciation | 0 comments

Like most people,  I was raised with a judgmental God. I was taught the shoulds, musts, oughts and have tos of my culture. Like most everyone else, I became one who differentiated good and bad, right and wrong and all other binary either/or judgements.  It took me decades of experience, study, tears, laughter, joys, sorrows, therapy and a whole lot of mis-takes to see through this illusion. Like what happens in the season of Spring, the more I participated and embraced Life, the less I came to judge it.

Two questions came up for me over the years: What if God is not judgmental and what if God is loving? After all, true love does not judge, it sees nothing but beauty because it has no conditions attached to it. It’s like a flower that blossoms wherever it is. It’s like the snow that transforms into water; into plants, animals, clouds, earth and all of Life. When we truly love, we see through the so-called limitations and shortcomings. We see into the Soul of Life; into a participatory experience of verdancy and appreciation.

Another question came after the insight of Loving Companion Presence which asked: Why do we have God on a throne rather than in every breath, heartbeat, moment, person, place, situation and thing? What if God is an alternative reality that asks us to  see beauty, interconnectivity, life, death and new life as a process of Being and Becoming something more than what it appears to be? What if the visible and invisible are interconnected, two sides of one reality? What if we’re creating our own reality?

Yesterday I spend time with a vast reservoir of water where there were no people. I then drove into a National Forest to embrace its’ grace, again where there were no people. The water spoke of new Life for today and everyday as we enter the growing seasons of Spring and Summer. The forest sang as oceans of trees swayed in the breeze with a message of reverence for all to see, hear, touch and breathe. In each space there was no judgement, no differentiation, only participation and integration.

How would your life change if you fully participated in Life rather than standing back and judging it? What if God is Divine Energy, Source Energy, with all kinds of creations seen and unseen, visible and invisible, known and  unknown? What if God is in every breath, every flower, every tree, every being, every moment of every day? What if you, everyone and everything you know is part of this reality called God? Would it make a difference in how you think, speak and act? Would it dissipate your judgements?

My sense for this time in history, our/her/his story, is that we must begin to change our concepts, our worn out binary thoughts that keep us separated from our True Selves, one another and the whole of creation. To Appreciate is to expand, to grow, to create, to move beyond judgement into thanksgiving for the possibilities and potentialities we’re just now awakening to. To Appreciate is to take what we have and help it grow through our experience, reverence, dignity and intuitive knowing: To Bring Life to Life!

The dance of Life continues to unfold all around us inviting love not fear, appreciation not judgement, refuge not imprisonment. This dance can become your guide as you flow with it in all its’ natural glory. Feel the love, the tears, the encouragement and the cheers; the unconditional interconnectivity with the Source of All there Is. Let the dance guide you into appreciating every moment of everyday as you discover the boundless blessings we might call God-ing: An Experience that Appreciates the Wonder of Today!

  • Today and everyday, notice how you differentiate between this and that, him and her, them and us, you and me. Within this differentiation, notice your judgements. Move through these judgements and simply be with what is without them. Teach yourself to see through the lens of  unconditional love. Change me to we and see differently.
  • When you notice yourself standing back, not being involved with Life, enter in slowly and gently until you feel more comfortable. Allow the experience. See into the heart of the matter. Reverence the moment. Embrace the grace. Awaken to a new you.
  • When you find yourself in judgement, look through the situation to see how it could be the opposite of what you’re thinking it is. Look for the redemption in the situation and honor the moment. Feel how it feels to let go of your judgements, to see differently.



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