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Aim Higher

Aug 31, 2017 | Consciousness | 0 comments

We’re in the midst of a crisis of consciousness. The past says consume more goods, burn more fossil fuels, fish out the oceans, continue to fight with one another, follow the spin doctors, get as much as you can, might makes right, bigger is better, competition beats cooperation and solve problems with the same thinking that got you into them . . .

The future says short term gains lead to long term losses, less is more, care and compassion is essential, what I do to you I do to me,  community is the whole earth and it’s alive and interconnected. What got us hear won’t get us there, we all go together or we don’t go at all, receptivity dissolves resistance and impermanence is normative . . .

The present says the more we wake up to the evolutionary pulse that’s drawing us onward, the more beneficial and healing possibilities and potentialities there are for all. An emerging consciousness is inviting us to shine with a brighter light. We’re involved in an ongoing awareness of interdependence. It’s time to wake up to our ongoing part in the co-creation of a whole new way of Being, Belonging and Becoming . . .

What does it mean for you to go beyond what you think you know into what you know you don’t know but can know? What does it mean for you to move from the finite to the infinite, the seen to the unseen, the visible to the invisible, the impossible to the possible and to repair the past and prepare the future by living in the present?  Uncomfortable?

As a boy I had no idea what I wanted to do or be except to explore and enjoy life. The older I became however the more the heavy hand of cultural conditioning imposed itself on me. The religious, political, financial, educational, military, business and subsequent movements challenged my naive innocence and opened me to new ways of being and doing. Eventually renouncing the lesser for the greater became a calling for me.

The past and future come together in the present through conflicting and confluent ways  that seem unknown to us. What has been, wants to be and can be are all part of who we are in the here and now. Everyday becomes another day to awaken to the wonder of Life with its wealth, opportunities, wisdom, well-being, challenges of evolving consciousness, creativity, conflict, confusion, courage and compassionate participation.

What kind of courage would it take to live a more Authentic Life, to challenge the status quo in your family, your religion, your workplace, your community? What would it be like to repair the past and prepare the future by living in the present with Presence? How daring would it be to Aim Higher than the present day cultural norms that command and control, promote rampant materialism, alienation and disconnection? What’s at risk for you grow, change and rearrange you priorities?

I sit with these questions everyday and wonder what happens if I do or don’t engage? How willing am I to aim higher and higher for myself, family, country, global community? What about you? Can we even have this conversation? Can we agree to disagree, find new ways to set our souls free; “proceed from illumination to illumination, from experience to experience, from soul state to soul state?”  Yes we can. It’s our calling . . .

  • Ponder these questions for yourself today and beyond. Ask yourself what’s at risk for you to shift gears and add your energy to a higher level of consciousness today? What affirmations can you give yourself and others for consuming less, sharing more; forgiving your abdication, your apathy, judgements, anger, pride and scorn?
  • Open your heart to those neglected parts within and the suffering without…..Send loving, healing, companioning energy to all those in the world suffering today. Receive and transmit this Divine energy of Life. Breathe it in. Breathe it out. We’re all fields of Divine energy. Awaken to it for your own healing and that of others. Breathe in Delight. Breathe out the fright and fight . . .Surrender to the Ineffable and feel the release for yourself and the world. Do this everyday. Authentic Life begins here . . . Aim Higher!


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