Do you know that you are filled with affluence? Your body has an abundant flow of liquid energy coursing through it every moment of every day. Your blood carries a wealth of nutrients, antibodies, and other healing and strengthening agents through the many streams and tributaries within. Sever your skin and see what immediately flows. We’re a vast container of rich flowing energy and yet we see only what’s visible.

The same can be said for our respiratory system. We take in oxygen with every breath. This oxygen flows abundantly and invisibly through us all the time. Our skin is breathing with generously sufficient affluence too. Without this ongoing flow of moisture and air, our bodies would cease to exist. When the flow stops, we die.

Have you ever stood by a lake and watched a stream pour in and out of it? Without the inflow and outflow, the lake becomes stagnant. We, like the lake, need an inflow and outflow of energy. This flow is life’s affluence. It’s all energy and it’s coming and going all the time, even when we’re unconscious of it. The key to embracing change is an awareness of this affluence, this flow of energy that moves in, around, and through us.

By becoming aware of it, we can participate with the Life Force and bring greater power and energy to ourselves. We, being a part of this Infinite Self, have power to change our energy patterns by envisioning a want that will be registered and delivered to us. To be fully alive is to be in touch with the affluent abundance we are so we can overcome the obstacles of rigidity and hardness we meet both outside and inside ourselves.

The greatest rigidity and unyielding can be found in our small ego selves. This little ‘iam’ runs our lives and causes great disruption. Affluence, in the world of form, first exists in the formless realms. Bundles of energy called quanta are everywhere with very high frequency vibrations. We can influence these vibrations with our thoughts when we are consciously in alignment with the Infinite Life Force. We can become co-creative participants in our own evolution when we become aware of the energy flow.

Embracing change is awakening to the innate power that we are. Creating a new You is about connecting with the ever present flow of Infinite Life energy. Stop. Take three deep breathes, each one a sigh. Rest deeply at the end of each exhale. Extend it . . .

Do it Again. Now rest even longer in the last exhale. What are you feeling? How is it different from when you started the exercise? Are you more aware of your energy? Are you feeling the peaceful power of the Infinite? Stay the course. Feel the affluence, the flow of Life. Do this three or four times a day for the next weeks and see what changes!

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