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Abundance Inspiration and You

Oct 12, 2017 | Inspiration | 0 comments

I remember so many years ago when I was inspired to live in the country and manage an eight hundred acre ranch with two bulls and fifty mother cows that calved every year. I also put up eighty acres of hay every summer in three different cuttings as well as bought and sold hay to other folks with horses and cattle. I knew nothing about ranching when I started but was inspired to do it because I really wanted to. The abundance came in the day to day experiences, not in the money which was always modest.

Over the years I’ve had many other jobs that payed more than twenty times what that ranching job paid, but the inspiration and abundance they attracted weren’t even close to that which I experienced as a small time rancher. The difference was in my heart and soul. It was one of the most physically demanding jobs I ever had and one of the most satisfying because I was inspired by it. It satisfied a hunger inside that’s difficult to explain but you know it when you’ve experienced it, no matter what the it is.

Abundance is described as plenty, a profusion or ample quantity of something. Most people equate it with monetary and material wealth. This is probably where the disconnection comes. When we evaluate everything in relation to material wealth rather than mental, emotional and spiritual wealth, we can lose our inspiration, enthusiasm and love in the doing. There’s a reason that over three quarters of people working in corporate jobs are looking for something more satisfying and soul connecting.

Having been retired now for two years from a career of over three decades that was inspiring and not, challenging and not, abundance creating and not, co-creative and not, soul feeding and not; I’m pondering what kind of abundance to tune into. I’m looking at what inspires me that could be of great benefit for me and others. When asked what I do, I say I’m a contemplative artist. When asked what that is, I say “I’ll let you know when I find out.” It has to do with inspiration, abundance and doing what you love.

Doing what you love seems to be the cornerstone of having an abundant life. Having an abundant life means you’ve tuned into an inner frequency that resonates with your heart, soul, body and mind. This interconnectivity with the wholeness of your being triggers something quite mystical that seems to stimulate all the high level centers of consciousness to raise your levels of optimism, acceptance, meaning, reverence, joy and peace; all of which tap into the aliveness of a-bun-dance. Do what you love, love what you do and notice the kind of life giving energy that will flows through you. . . .

  • This week, revisit your most alive experiences and reconnect with this at-one-ment.
  • If you just got to work and did what you loved to do, what would it be . . . . ?


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