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Inspiring Leaders, Enlightening Lives:

No More Business as Usual

Inspired by his visionary perspective about how the world can be, Rick aims to expand human consciousness through coaching, writing, speaking, listening, and learning. His vulnerability and charisma inspire authentic reflection, inner awareness, and change that empowers and transforms. He reframes fixed ideas to encourage a growth mindset for an abundant aliveness to be experienced.

His concept of Leadership: ‘No More Business As Usual’  gives valuable insight into positive engagement, deep listening, straight talk, and clarifying commitments. He demonstrates how these and other skill sets can develop greater passion, authenticity, innovation, and abundance for you, your family, your business, and the world.

An award-winning author and self-proclaimed Renaissance man, Rick will stir your creative fires and help you cultivate the enthusiasm and empowerment to become the who that is really you. He will help you take the necessary inner and outer steps to achieve a new prosperity.