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A Laboratory of What?

Sep 11, 2017 | Transformation | 0 comments

We all live in and on the laboratory we call Earth which is a ball of carbon, oxygen and everything else in the periodic table. We travel eleven million miles a week through space on our annual orbit around the Sun. This planetary laboratory also spins on its axis once a day, measured at the equator, at a thousand miles per hour. Our earth ball is part of a solar system with other planets orbiting around our Sun. Our Sun is one star among several hundred billion other solar stars that together make up the Milky Way Galaxy. Our galaxy is traveling over one million miles through space every hour.

The closest star or sun in our Galaxy is over twenty-five thousand billion miles away. It takes our Sun, with its orbiting planets approximately two hundred twenty-five million years to make the trip around our Galaxy. Another fact from NASA that puts perspective on the experiment here on our earth ball is to look at it’s size compared to our Sun. If our Sun is scaled down to the size of a basketball and placed on a standard basketball court under one hoop, the Earth is half the size of a BB pellet and is found under the hoop at the other end of the court.

What does all this have to do with you and me? This is the essential question of the vast experiment of our species called Homo sapiens or Human beings. Not only are we involved in the experiment, we are the experiment. Formlessness becomes form with an ever evolving and expanding consciousness which brings forth the capacity to participate in this cosmic dance. The experiment’s question is: “What happens when single cells get together to form interconnected complex cells?” We know the story of these single cells that have come together over billions of years to create our ongoing evolutionary form with over seventy-trillion cells working together in harmony which is where we are now.   The new question is what’s next?

Up until now we humans haven’t had the potential to destroy the planet but we now do. Will we be able to evolve fast enough to survive and even thrive in this small petri dish called Earth given our capacity toward division? Can we awaken fast enough as a species to overcome the destructive energy forces that are part of our unconscious dualistic command and control ego consciousness? Have our desires outstripped our sensibilities or are we on a new trajectory of conscious evolution that is unprecedented in human history?

This is where ‘The Laboratory of Lunacy, Laughter, and Liberation’ comes in. The more we advance on the map of the scale of consciousness (see David R. Hawkins ground breaking book Power vs. Force), the more our perspective changes from self absorption to self awareness, from power over to power with, from aggression to appreciation, from anxiety to abundance, from fear to love, from angst to liberation. When we see the Sun and Moon arriving and disappearing over the horizon can we stop long enough to realize the magnitude of the cosmos and our place in it? Can we begin to grasp the nature of the experiment, our participation in it and our transformational co-creative role to lovingly care for it?

To enjoy the beauty of creation in the moment is to let go of our petty differences and let come our amazing similarities. To keep focus on the short term gains and ignore the long term  losses is insanity and suicide. Learning to be stewards, caregivers and guardians of our Home, all its inhabitants and habitats is our only chance to sustain life at this critical juncture in time. A clarion call is out to every sentient being on Earth to rise up with great ability and Wake Up to the Wonder, Wisdom, Meaning, Interconnectivity, Fragility and Reverence for the Life we all share.

The Lunacy is in our unconsciousness and lack of engagement to play our part here and now.  The Laughter comes in the awakening, awareness and aliveness of our engagement and efforts to see the light in the darkness and engage the necessary action. The Liberation comes in every decision we make that insures a thriving and sustainable planetary environment within and without for our children into the seventh generation. The MISSION is for a transformation of consciousness that’s been called for now for over two millennia.

It’s now time to heed the call to co-create a whole new way of Thinking, Acting and Relating; one for all, all for one. When two and three and fifty make a billion we’ll see that day come round. The darkness is here signaling us to turn on the Light. We turn it on with every affirming thought, feeling, word and action  We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for to make this change. We’re the ones to engage this shift in consciousness and change the trajectory from exploitation to sustaining assistance. We’re the ones to transform our present danger into a transformative opportunity. Turn on your Love Light:  No more business as usual. . .

  • However you hear this call to transform, take another step today that can help you help the global community. It may be as small as recycling, smiling when you want to frown, holding open a door for a fellow traveler, lovingly connecting with a friend or family member, using fewer resources, living more peacefully, becoming less materialistic, befriending a stranger.
  • The transformation comes from within. Ponder your contributions to fear and love, aggression and forgiveness, despair and optimism, hubris and humility, humiliation and affirmation, darkness and light, selfishness and selflessness. Recognize that we all contain darkness and light and that our Essential Self is Light. Notice your soulful connection to Light and shine on…
  • Slow down, do few things and do them well. Recognize your essential beauty, your connection to Source, Soul and Spirit. Breathe deeply and appreciate what you have and who you are.



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