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It was a day like many other days yet different. Maryah’s pregnancy had been difficult. The stirrings inside her womb were more active today than any she’d experienced over the past nine months. Her husband Jacob was making last minute preparations for  his family who were flying in from the States tomorrow to celebrate this new birthing.

Maryah and Jake had been married three years. They’d met in a small village outside Jerusalem where Jake had been a Peace Corp volunteer and Maryah a teacher in a local girls school. It had been a tender courtship which had ripened over an extended period of time in spite of significant cultural differences. Jake was an American and Maryah a Palestinian.

When she finally brought him home to meet her family there was much skepticism concerning his intentions and commitments. After many visits it became apparent to the family that Jake and Maryah were committed to a compassionate life together. Over the next years they came to love him as a son and brother. It wasn’t until after the marriage however that Jake and Maryah informed her Muslim family that Jake’s mother was Christian and his father Jewish.Generations of misunderstanding and antagonism broke out in the family.

After much anger, many tears, ongoing discussions, and deep loving reflection, a new peace settled into the family system. Maryah’s pregnancy was the latest drama in the transformation that ultimately took place in the hearts and minds of her family and friends. As they continued opening to love in the present, a fresh new perspective emerged that repaired the past and prepared the future. Reconciliation and a sense of unity indescribably wove it’s way through their hearts and minds in mysterious ways.

An awareness emerged that love and caring were more important than fears, beliefs, doctrines, and dogmas. They began experiencing the mystery of the ancient teachings through the eyes of love rather than the eyes of outdated prejudicial accounts. The inner wars began to end that had dwelled in their hearts and minds for generations. They felt the longing for a new way of Being. The new relatives from America were coming. New life was growing in Maryah. A new day was dawning for all people through their love…

That night, in the presence of countless generations and the whole of creation, Maryah gave birth to twins: a beautiful boy and a glorious girl. The next day Jake’s family arrived from America; his mother, father, brother, and two sisters. For the first time in their lives, the loving light of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and Mary radiated in the hearts, minds, and bodies of this newly blended family. They ate, drank, shared gifts, prayed, celebrated, created new stories and awakened to new lives. In the end, there was a new living presence of Life together.

Blessings to You All as we celebrate the ongoing birthing within, Immanuel, God with and for us, anointing and living in the compassionate awareness of new life. Bliss to all openings, all energy of Christ Being, IAmness, to willingly soften our hearts to love unconditionally with joy and peace now and always.  With smiling hearts, let us  continually  Remember to Remember!

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