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The Power of Intention

Within this intention we are interconnected in ways that are real but are mostly beyond our awareness. This is attention to intention.

Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative prayer is unitive and interactive. It involves aligning with the template of universal compassionate energy, the Source of Light and Life.

Co-Creating a New Reality

Could it be time for us all to realign with what’s essential rather than what’s expedient? Might it be appropriate to co-create a new reality that can satisfy our hungry hearts?

Transcend and Include

Realizing we’re all works in process, we can begin to transcend our limitations while also including our differences. Are you up for this?

Containment and Expansion

This life is created in containment which further creates ongoing expansion generation after generation. So, what’s the point?

The Rhythm of Life?

Breathing is a rhythm within your aliveness and activities. Singing and dancing are rhythms with your inner dispositions. Everything in the Universe has a rhythm.

From Worry to Wonder

It appears as an ongoing birthing process through the many birth canals that Life draws us through. Rather than worry, there’s now a sense of wonder.

Embracing The Moment

The more we consciously embrace this moment, the more we became aware of the infinite Presence that’s always here and always now.

Slowing Up

You learn that slowing up, like waking up is a gift for everyday, every season and thanksgiving appears naturally everywhere.


Peace is a practice, a presence within that you can experience. When you become still, calm, relaxed and receptive you can drop from your busy calculative mind into the quiet mind of great peace.

Not Knowing

Imagine people sitting in a place of not knowing to learn something new. This is a practice we can all engage for greater awareness.

Showing Up

In Self Remembering we’re always in presence, always showing up, all ways open to the miracles and mysteries of the moment.

Vision + Action = Mission

It’s practical and impractical, creative and tedious, disciplined and free flowing. It’s your mission of service to yourself and the whole of creation.