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New Beginnings

I continued to nurture the new beginnings that were growing inside my ‘not knowing’ and little by little, the embryo of this new life developed in the darkness of my inner Being.

Yield to the Field

It wasn’t until I finally surrendered, yielded to the Ultimate Source Field and turned resistance to receptivity that the battles ended and a sweet serenity seeped into my awareness.

Heart Paths

How many people do you know, including yourself, who are on a path with a Heart?

Thankfulness and Forgiveness

Thankfulness and forgiveness are two pillars of human awakening and evolution. They involve feeling, acknowledgement and expression of favor, kindness and mystery.

Reverence and Appreciation

It’s been said that appreciation is one of the highest forms of human consciousness because it shines the vibrational light of love, joy and peace on everything

Risk and Reward

Do you remember any situations where there was short term risk with long term reward and short term reward with long term risk?

Adjusting Your Sails

Eventually they ran out of steam as I remained quiet trying to find the necessary lines to adjust my sails. This unconscious quiet adjusted the sails for me.

Darkness and Light

Exploring and discovering, braving and empowering, living within the darkness and light, ever present creativity.

Beginning Again and Again

As beginners we inspire our own unique intentions in the co-creation of a new story which seeds the One All Inclusive Universal Story.

Abundance Inspiration and You

Abundance is described as plenty, a profusion or ample quantity of something. Most people equate it with monetary and material wealth. This is probably where the disconnection comes.

Retreat and Advance

What does it take to realize that struggle, resisting and advancement without retreat causes chaos, alienation and disconnection?

How Are You Listening?

How congruent is my heart with my head and hands? Am I truly listening with my heart or am I thinking and acting from habitual patterns?


After all, isn’t curiosity simply about asking more questions, inquiring deeper into what’s really going on?

Blessings All Ways

It’s taken me a lifetime to recognize the blessings that are here every moment of every day.

A Laboratory of What?

We all live in and on the laboratory we call Earth which is a ball of carbon, oxygen and everything else in the periodic table.

The Art of Change

To know the Art of Change is to rise above the externals that cause anger, fear, disappointment, grief, suffering, blame and indifference.