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The Way of Understanding

Understanding is an exploration into the mystery of the known and unknown that seeks ever greater comprehension, significance and inference.

Reverence For Life

As one of millions of elders in our earth community I’m not giving up on reverence for Life. I’m doubling down on a renaissance of consciousness for our global village.

Beyond Belief

To move beyond our beliefs is to wake up to who we are and who we’re not. It’s getting in touch with the unconscious programs that cause fear, anger, alienation and disconnection.

Cultivating Cultures of Compassion

Compassion is the definitive agent in our consciousness that dissolves the separation, heals the divisions and awakens the participation needed to realign us all.

Embracing Transitions

When we choose to transform our transitions, we change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and let go of the unacceptable.

Vulnerability and Creativity

Why don’t we talk about our feelings? Have we been trained to be invulnerable and these actions put us in vulnerable positions?

The Art of Soulful Creativity

The more we awaken the potentialities within our unique personal evolution, the more we can courageously engage our collective creativity and activate its soulful unfolding.

Contemplation as Art

Sitting quietly in contemplation I feel the template of our world shifting and changing.

The Art of Patiencing…

Rather than seeing patience as something we have or don’t have, patiencing is an ongoing process.


Why would anyone want to welcome dark thoughts, malice, sorrows, irreverence and all other types of unwanted visitors?

Mystery and Creativity

Today we’re sitting in the mystery, in the heart of creativity and anything is possible.

Dream On…

You co-create a whole new dream for the world. As long as we keep fighting with one another and ourselves, there will never be peace on earth. It all starts here with us.


What I’m discovering in this sweet chillaxing music is the freedom of the artist becoming part of creation within the rhythm of ongoing creativity.

Not Knowing?

I’ve become more content with ‘not knowing’ and being at peace with the notion that everything doesn’t need an explanation.